Agatha Jane Interior Design knows good design has the ability to help bring together a discombobulated family or enliven an exhausted employee. Agatha herself lives design from the minute she gets up, scouring design blogs, to the minute she goes to bed, devising chandelier designs to help her fall asleep. 

After graduating from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a BFA in Interior Design and an emphasis in Green Design, Agatha Jane worked in high-end residential design at John Vancheri in New York, restaurant design and office design at Xan Creative in Denver, and nightclub design at BUILT Inc. in Los Angeles.  Thanks to all of this experience, Agatha has impeccable drafting, 3-D modeling, and sourcing skills (she digs digging for materials, furniture, antiques, lighting and anything to make a space special). But most importantly, Agatha possesses an exceptional ability to combine form and function in a logical way, that is not forced, and is always eye-catching.

Agatha Jane Interior Design loves that we now live in a post-modern world where there are no rules, and we can borrow and mix different styles from different eras. 

Please contact AJID if you are seeking assistance within the fields of interior design, custom furniture design, party planning, and portraiture.